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Joyce Cook Mincey – “What a surprise I had this afternoon when my doorbell rang and the mail carrier handed me a nice big box. What a bigger surprise I had when inside the box was this beautiful gift bag filled with lovely gifts from The Sparkle Caps Project. I have just begun my chemo journey and can't tell you how much this means to me. I will enjoy using everything that was sent. What a ministry of encouragement you are providing. God Bless You.”
Reneé Cookson Nicholson – “I am definitely a Sparkle Cap fan. I am blessed to say that I have NOT received a gift bag, but Susan and her wonderful project have touched my life in such a wonderful way. She has allowed me to be part of this ministry. If you want to be blessed, donate items or money to help Susan continue this wonderful project.
Andrena Nadine King - "My mother just received her gift bag this morning. I cannot express the impact it made for my Mom and our family. As a love one going through the journey with her I was encouraged and blessed richly. Thank you so much for being a blessing. I pray God continues to strengthen you as you provide this wonderful gift of love, support and encouragement to others."

Valeria Coaxum-Parker – “One year ago I started my chemo. I was overwhelmed and scared. I received my bag that very first chemo treatment from Mrs. Susan she happened to be there.  Receiving that gift made my day so much easier. It was beautiful. You are an angel.”

Laura Shaver – “It was a wonderful gift to receive in the mail. Susan even sent a cute gift bag to my son. We were both excited and happy when we got our gift bags. We need more people / organizations like this in the world.”

Kate Anderson – “Susan, you are truly a gift from God! My gift bag came today and I haven't had such a good time in ages- just looking through it and examining all the thoughtfully prepared goodies. Made me feel like a kid again!”

Nena Walker Staley – “When I went for my meeting about Chemo, I was given a gift bag and in the bag was a sparkle hat, a knit hat and two books that I treasure, these items got me through a rough time and I received it from people I didn't/don't know!! What an Awesome Vision that someone came up with for us Survivors, just when we need it. Thank You and I want to help support your/our cause. THANKS!”

Regina Davis – “I was speaking to one the ladies [at Sparkle Caps] today and shared my story and she was so very encouraging. Since my diagnosis I have [been] literally bouncing off the walls. After talking with Susan I feel a ray of hope and I'm not as devastated now. She made herself available to me little old me and that means the world to me. I know that it's going to ruff and trying days ahead. However, after today and talking with Susan I feel I'm going to be Okay. Thanks for What you do to bring smiles and sunshine in the lives of others. I am Encouraged and those that are going through as well you be Encouraged too.”

Be Vi - “Thank you very much my mom received the SPARKLE CAP PROJECT BOX this touched her so much. Thank you.”

Rachel Hartley-Gantt – “I love this project. They do great and amazing things for people on days where you are frightened and don’t know how you are going to make it through the day!”

Sharon Paulson – “
A beautiful and encouraging gift! Truly lovely all around. Thank you!”

Kimberlee Hurd Joyce – “Loved the bag I sent my sister. Susan did such an inspirational job. Thank you so much.”

June Santos Taitano-Aguon
– “
Thank you papa god for guiding me here!”

Heather Mattingly – “AMAZING work being done by a woman whose heart knows no bounds! Susan is dedicated to helping other women (and their families) who are battling cancer. Her experience with breast cancer gives her first-hand knowledge on how to reach out and touch the lives of others. She puts so much love, time and energy into each of her gift bags. Susan is an ANGEL!”

Amanda Jane Hansen “Thank you from the Oncology Unit at Tuomey Hospital. Our patients LOVE the caps!!! Keep up the awesome work!”

Barbara Laughray – “When I think of all the difference Sparkle Caps Project has made in so many lives, I am so impressed. To think that this organization is mainly run by one person's efforts, with support of a few others, it just shows when you believe in something YOU can make a difference. Be proud of your work Susan, you have made a difference!!!”

Julia Prater – “With my friend Deborah at her second chemo today." [5/30/14] "She received your beautiful bag fu
ll of goodies. Really brightened her day. She said it was good that you included tissues, because you made her cry...happy tears, very touched by the love and kindness evident in the package.”

Jennifer Shuler NPC – “Thank you! I received a bag from you today." [sometime in April 2014]! "I'm so grateful to have gotten it. I did my first round of chemo yesterday and came into scoa [today] for fluids and shot! Made my day and made me realize I'm part of an amazing group of women and proud be fighting this stuff and make it positive.”

Colleen Cole – “Just when I got that dreaded news, a stranger-a beautiful stranger and her organization-came and included me and my family in her thoughts and prayers...its that added strength that will help me get through this..I absolutely love Susan's organization, and forever grateful for her support!”

Jeanee Bourque – “Love the Sparkle Cap project and all the wonderful people involved with it. When I went to my first Bosom Buddy meeting I was like a lost child Susan and Sparkle Caps helped me find the way!”

Mary Brandes – “An awesome project run by an awesome lady to help other ladies feel good about themselves while going through the battles of chemo treatments!!”

Mike N Brandi – “
Such a wonderful project and a pleasant surprise after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I came to work and a package was to me from people I didn't know but cared enough to think of me in my time of need. Thank you! I will never forget you!”

Karen Hendrix – “Sparkle Cap Project is awesome. It helps cancer survivors feel good to get a special bag with all kinds of special goodies. It is a wo
nderful ministry to each person that receives this special bag. I remember getting mine with my navy blue cap and loved reading all the different books and letters. Thank you Susan for starting this wonderful project! I also made a wonderful friend whom I will always cherish! I love you!!!”

Donna Garrett Frye – “The Sparkle Caps Project continues to be a blessing for many ladies (and, occasionally, gentlemen and children)! Please consider donating to this wonderful project!”

Lora Montalto – “Thank you Susan! You made my day -:) Lora Montalto from Saratoga County NY”

Michael Barnes – “Excellent project! It has been an uplifting and empowering for women going through the fight of their lives. It has brought lots of smiles.”

Felicia Higgins – “Excellent organization. Totally uplifting and supportive group. I will never forget you all.”

Angela Snyder Keller – “Just another note to let everyone know about this awesome organization! They work on donations, so if you are looking for a good cause to give to in the new year, this is worth it!!!”

Felicia Kelly – “Excellent organization. Totally uplifting and supportive group. I will never forget you all...”

Vicki Everhart – “Sparkle Caps is a beautiful ministry which is lovingly, empathetically, and unselfishly administered by Susan ‘Victorious.’  She has walked in the steps of the recipients and it shows in every bag of blessings that she gives out!”

Jeanee Bourque – “Have you heard of The Sparkle Caps Project? Susan Heimbigner the founder is also a cancer survivor and was led to this work to help women in cancer treatment especially chemotherapy. If you know any woman in treatment the Sparkle Cap project provides a beautiful cap and a gift bag package filled with uplifting joy and gifts. It is a registered charity and all funds go to help uplift women during this difficult time!”

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