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Gift Bags to SCOA - 6-21-16.JPG


Sparkle Caps Gift Bags given out: 35
Children's Mini Gift Bags:   1
Caregivers' Mini Gift Bags:  2

Mailed to ~ AL (1), SC (5), WV (1)

Youngest Recipients: 29, 32, 35
Senior Recipients: 77, 80, 81



WOW!!! A Very, Super-Duper Busy August – Our BIGGEST outgo of Sparkle Caps gift bags: ~

Sparkle Caps gift bags given out: 55 - our highest ever was 47

Children's Mini Gift Bags:   2
Mini caregivers gift bags given out:  2

We mailed to SC (2) and KY (1). Six of the gift bags were personal referrals. The remainder went to recipients referred by Tiffany and Sue at Palmetto Breast Center and some of the chemo nurses at SC Oncology.

Our oldest recipients: 79, 80 and 88
Our youngest recipients: 18, 25 and 29

Our monthly average last year was 30. This year, to date, it is 40. That’s a BIG jump! Because of some volunteer help, materials donated in the past and fundraisers /donations, we were able to meet that incredibly high need for this month, at a cost of $1,710. How can you help? Would you like to sponsor a gift bag? Check out the “How to Sponsor” tab and/or “Additional Needs” tab.

Thank you all for your support through financial and material donations, prayers and LIKES on our Facebook page.

Susan “Victorious” – Victorious over cancer! Victorious in God!

July Status.JPG


Big, beautiful fireworks went off; and Big, Beautiful Sparkle Caps gift bags given out, helping another 42 women and 1 man on each’s unique journey with cancer.  Here are the figures: ~

Sparkle Caps Gift Bags – 43 (tied with Jan. for the highest outgo)

Children's Mini Gift Bags:   2
Caregivers' Mini Gift Bags:  2

Our statistics include a 3-generational family box filled with 6 gift bags.

Kira made 40 crocheted caps for our women who will lose their hair through chemo. We received printed labels and gift bag tags from Eileen at Regal Prints, and the printing of these more expensive items are done for free, helping to stretch our dollars.

We received checks from two former recipients, which sponsored gift bags for three women who had the same types of cancers as the former recipients.

July was the best month for volunteer help, and this makes it possible for me to keep getting bags out in the high numbers we have had for six out of seven months so far this year. A BIG thank you to Glenda, Linda, Michael and Gary!

Thank you all for your support through financial and material donations, prayers and LIKES on our Facebook page.

Susan “Victorious” – Victorious over cancer! Victorious in God!

Gift Bags to SCOA - 6-21-16.JPG


BIG #S - In the last 6 months, we have been able to empower and uplift 228 women in treatment for various types of cancer.  Here are the June #s ~

Women receiving Sparkle Caps Gift Bags – 41

Our youngest recipients:  34 and 37
Our most senior recipients:  78 and 79

Gift Bag Mailing:
South Carolina – 1
Kentucky - 2

News Collage 5-16.jpg


In the last 5 months, we have been able to empower and uplift 187 women in treatment for various types of cancer.  Here are the May #s ~

Women receiving Sparkle Caps Gift Bags – 37

Caregiver's Mini Gift Bag:  2

Our youngest recipients:  30 and 34

Our most senior recipients:  75 and 83

We have been blessed to receive financial and material donations, which help stretch the Sparkle Caps dollars.  Thank you for your prayers and support in all ways.

1)  Betty Lewis’ quilt, which was auctioned at Rainbow’s 6th Annual Charity Golf Classic and Auction; 2) Gary working on our candy bags (the candies help alleviate the tin-like taste that comes with some chemos.

April 2016 Status Collage.jpg


APRIL SHOWERS AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS.  I got a chance to catch my breath after the prior three incredibly busy months.  Here are the numbers:

25 Sparkle Caps gift bags given out to women in cancer treatment
1 mini gift bag for a baby
Oldest recipients – 70 and 83
Youngest recipients – 32 and 34

We mailed a gift bag to a recipient in PA.

We have given out almost 1660 Sparkle Caps gift bags to date to women in treatment for cancer, 76 mini gift bags to caregivers (or others under special circumstances), and 84 mini gift bags to children.

Please check out our website at www.SparkleCapsProject.com for information on how to sponsor gift bags and other ways to help with this outreach.  

Thanks, Susan "Victorious"

APRIL 1, 2016


THANK YOU to those who helped raise $350 for the Friends of Sparkle Caps Project sign, which will be placed on a specialty hole at the 6th Annual Rainbow Charity Golf Classic and Auction.  Susan “Victorious”

3-16 Status Collage.jpg


Spring has sprung; the yellow SC dusting is gone; and the azaleas and iris are blooming. It's a beautiful time!

We were super busy for the third month in a row. Here are our statistics:

41 Sparkle Caps gift bags went to women in treatment for cancer
1 mini gift bag was given out
No gift bags were mailed
Youngest recipient: 36
Oldest recipient: 85

Thanks for the support, views, likes, donations--material and financial--and most of all, prayers.

Susan "Victorious"



It has been very busy so far this year with Sparkle Caps bags of blessings being delivered into the hands of women in treatment for cancer of any type. My wonderful hubby Gary has been helping out. (See photos.) Here are our February numbers:

Sparkle Caps gift bags – 43
Mini Gift Bags – 3
Youngest: 23, 29 and 29
Most Senior: 79, 80 and 82 – and all decades in between
Mailing: We mailed 9 gift bags within SC.

I am also working on the 6th Annual Rainbow Charity Golf Classic and Auction, as Sparkle Caps has been chosen for the 4th year in a row to be the host charity. The committee has selected three young mothers who will benefit from this tournament and auction.

As soon as I get crocheted / knit caps in, they are going out in gift bags for women fighting breast and gynecological cancers. If anyone can help with these types of hats, please contact me through private message or surprise me with some caps. It would be so appreciated by the recipients and me. Mailing address is Sparkle Caps Project, c/o Susan Heimbigner, 921 Pelham Drive, Sumter, SC 29154-9105.
HOW CAN I HELP YOU? If you would like to get one of these Sparkle Caps gift bags into the hands of a family member, friend, co-employee, neighbor, et al, please check out the “How to Sponsor” tab on this website.  You can make payment with your credit card through PayPal. You can also help a woman you do not know through a general sponsorship or make a financial donation. If you would like to make a material donation, please check out the tab “Additional Needs.” Gift bags are $30 each (my cost), plus $10 toward postage if to be mailed. Sparkle Caps will pick up any additional postage, if applicable, in order to keep the cost of each gift bag down.

1) My sweet hubby Gary working on one of our gift bag enclosures - snack baggies, each containing 5 butterscotch candies, which help with the tin-like taste that can result from chemo.  2) 18 gift bags headed for SC Oncology - the 1st delivery of the week, plus 6 bags headed out for mailing.   3) March 3 - gift bags for 11 women in treatment for cancer at SC Oncology - the 2nd delivery for the week.

Sparkle Caps table 2015.jpg


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The Sparkle Caps Project has been blessed to be selected as the Host Charity for the 6th Annual Rainbow International Charity Golf Classic (for the 4th year in a row), which is scheduled for May 10th. We hope to benefit TWO to THREE YOUNG MOTHERS WITH LATE-STAGE CANCER.



Well, we finally got winter in SC, and it is cold!  Cold to us is in the 60s daytime, but it has gone down to the 30s. No sticking snow yet.  

Sparkle Caps referrals had me on my toes this month.  Here’s part of the reason why:

Sparkle Caps Gift Bags gifted to women
in treatment for any type of cancer – 47

Child’s Mini Gift Bag – 1
Caregiver’s Gift Bag – 1

We mailed gift bags to recipients in MO, TN and SC.


Susan “Victorious”

12-15 News.jpg


BRRRR!  Our Welcome Bear is back because we finally have some cold, cold weather in SC – in the 30s.  No snow though.  Our referrals for Sparkle Caps gift bags picked up this month.  BIG NEWS:  We gave out gift bag #1,500, which went to a 51-year-old woman fighting breast cancer.  She received her gift bag at her second chemo this month.

Sparkle Caps Gift Bags given out:  34
Mini Gift Bags:  3
Mailed to ~ SC (2)
Youngest Recipient:  18
Oldest Recipient:  79

Thank you to all who help us keep Sparkle Caps going through sponsorships, financial donations, referrals, material donations and prayers, as we uplift and empower women on the cancer journey.  If you know someone who we can help, please contact me by private message on our Facebook page.  

Susan “Victorious”

L.R. _4.JPG


Thankful for Sparkle Caps Project and the approach of winter, no humidity, and big decrease in mosquitos born of our SC flooding.

We slowed down even more this month from our very high of August (total of 51 bags), but it was still a very good month (and confidentially, I needed some “ME” time because I am a big Christmas decorator):

Sparkle Caps Gift Bags given out:  20
Mini Gift Bags:  7
Child’s Mini Gift Bag:  3

Mailed to ~ FL (1), WV (1), TX (1), SC (2), NC (1)

Youngest Recipient:  32
Oldest Recipient:  93 (and active in the Red Hats Society)

Thank you to all who help us keep Sparkle Caps going through sponsorships, referrals, material donations and prayers, as we uplift and empower women on the cancer journey.  Susan “Victorious” 

Angela Mayson collage.jpg


First, we lost two wonderful women this month, both who were fighting metastasized breast cancer.  Angela Mayson and Hope Parente were both past recipients of Rainbow's Annual Charity Golf Tournaments.  Angela leaves behind a devoted husband and two teenage children, and Hope leaves behind a devoted husband and four young children.  

Cancer makes me mad!  It makes no sense.  It does not discriminate!  We do what we can at Sparkle Caps Project to make the journeys a little more bearable for women fighting cancer, offering hope, encouragement, support, and so much more as we uplift each with a bag of blessings.

Gift bag sponsorships and donations have been made to Sparkle Caps in Angela's memory.  Through October, we have given out four gift bags to women in treatment for metastasized breast cancer, with many more to follow.  Each of those bags contained a copy of the book she co-wrote, "No Regrets."  Angela will continue to inspire others through her story, her journey, her courage and strength.

No matter how difficult the battle, I never saw a picture of Hope without one of her beautiful smiles.  At one of the Rainbow Charity Golf Tournaments, I watched this Wonder Woman hit the golf ball straight down the fairway, while many of the male golfers were pinging their balls off the trees lining the fairway.  She was one tough woman, fighting with courage and strength.

October Statistics:

20 Sparkle Caps gift bags
Youngest Recipient:  31
Oldest Recipient:  83

We mailed to HI (1), SC (1), WI (1) and WV (1).

May you each have a blessed day, each and ever day, because each and every day is a PRESENT from God.  

Love, Susan "Victorious"

Picture Descriptions: (Top) Angela Mayson; (Bottom) Hope and Dave Parente

Garden veggies - 7-29-15 collage.jpg


We slowed down a bit from our very high of August, but it was still a very good month:

Sparkle Caps Gift Bags given out:  32
Mini Gift Bags:  1
Child’s Mini Gift Bag:  1

Mailed to ~ FL (1), NY (1) and WV (2)
Youngest Recipient:  21
Oldest Recipient:  81

Thank you to all who help us keep Sparkle Caps going, as we uplift and empower women on the cancer journey.  Susan “Victorious” 

PICTURE DESCRIPTIONS:  (Top) Veggies from our garden. It is the greatest feeling to pick fresh vegetables that we grew ourselves.  (Bottom) As a cancer survivor, I have become more aware of healthy eating, meaning I eat a lot less ice cream and a whole lot more fruits and veggies. This turned out to be the best tasting veggie/salad dish!


GIFT BAG #1,400. This went to a recipient in FL, who has lung cancer. Her gift bag was sponsored by her friend, who, herself, was a gift bag recipient in the fall of 2014.
September 22nd - 15 gift bags to SC Oncology.
Lena (Sumter, SC) donated 7 grocery bags of fantastic books for use in our gift bags.

Our third donation of knit caps from Kira (Sumter) - 20 beautiful caps.

August Status.JPG


Very, very busy August (including writing in my husband’s new cement job)!

Barb and Jeff volunteered a couple weeks ago, and with my husband Gary, we stuffed envelopes and other projects for almost four hours.  I say that Barb and I got twice the work done as the guys did ‘cause they talked to each other so much!  Jeff rung the bell at SC Oncology on Sept. 1, signifying the last of his 6 chemos.

Glenda volunteered one afternoon last week, and we stuffed envelopes for the gift bags.  

We had very high numbers for August, and here they are:

We mailed to AZ (1), CA (1), CT (1), FL (1), SC (2) and WV (9).  If you have not read our post about the West Virginia Project, please read the below post.

Sparkle Caps gift bags given out:  47
Mini gift bags given out:  4
For a total of 51 gift bags into the hands of 50 women and 1 man

Our oldest recipient is a young 78 and our youngest recipient is 30.

Thank you to all who have worked with Sparkle Caps to empower and uplift women (and about eight men) on the difficult cancer journey.  Please continue those prayers—God is in control and He has so magnified what I ever thought was possible through my original idea to give out 12 caps.  

Susan “Victorious”

West VA Project.JPG
AUGUST 22, 2015


1.  Tammy, a breast cancer survivor, was a Sparkle Caps gift bag recipient in Oct. 2014.  She lives in Florida.

2.  On Aug. 7, Tammy sponsored a gift bag for her friend Lynn, who is battling metastasized breast cancer.  She lives in WV.

3.  Lynn liked her gift bag so much, she referred her cousin Lisa for a gift bag on Aug. 13. Lisa lives in WV and is battling the same metastasized breast cancer.

4.  Susan “Victorious,” who lives in SC, is the conduit to make this chain reaction happen, all under. . .

5.   . . . God’s control.

In our initial e-mails, Tammy said the area where Lynn was living was a small, rural one; and that statement triggered that “I want to help gene” in me.  In honor of Lynn and Lisa, Tammy and I have come together to provide up to ten Sparkle Caps gift bags to women in treatment for cancer in that small, rural area of WV. 

If anyone would like to help us accomplish this WEST VIRGINIA PROJECT or have an idea for another one, please contact me by private message.  These gift bags are being sponsored through funds received as a result of Rainbow’s 5th Annual Charity Golf Classic and Auction, and Tammy and I are paying the postage. 

As of September 1, 2015, we have provided gift bags to 7 women under this project, in addition to Lynn and Lisa, the original recipients.

Gardens - cotton -  6-29-15 - _5.JPG



Hot, humid, not enough rain with a slowdown in Sparkle Caps gift bags given out; but each day was one of blessings, even when I was being chased by three bull dogs earlier this week while riding my tri-wheeler (a more sophisticated name for my trike).  The slowdown gave me a chance to get caught up on some Sparkle Caps work with the help of two wonderful volunteers, Barbara and Jeff, who spent three hours helping me stuff envelopes for the gift bags.  

Sparkle Caps gift bags given out:  27
Caregiver's mini gift bag:  1   Family gift bag:  1
Mailed to NC and LA.

Oldest Ladies:  80, 81 and 84
Youngest:  about 37

Who wants to know the following information?!  It can be scary, but it is wonderful to know that we can all do something to make cancer more bearable for the recipients of our Sparkle Caps gift bags:  Our recent recipients are fighting ~ breast, brain, cervical, endometrial, ovarian and thyroid cancers.

How can you help:  On this website, go to the tab "How to Sponsor."  A gift bag is $30, and we ask for $10 to help defray the cost of mailing, if applicable.  

PICTURE:  This is the flower preceding the cotton ball.  Gary plucked some seeds from cotton ball stems that I recently purchased and planted in our veggie garden to see what would happen.  The flowers are pink and white.  No cotton balls yet.

Gary picking.JPG


My husband Gary has been staying on top of our yard by raking up the small fallen tree branches and pinecones over the last several days.  As soon as he gets it done, it rains and the winds come up again.  So, please thank him for our wonderful rains lately, taking us out of the first-stage drought declared a couple of weeks ago.  You know how it goes--I just washed my windows so it rained for the first time in two months!

Here are the Sparkle Caps statistics for June, each statistic representing a woman (and one man) in treatment for cancer:

Sparkle Caps gift bags given out:  32
Caregiver’s gift bag:  1

We shipped to NC and SC.

Our youngest recipient:  31
Our oldest recipient:  80

PICTURE DESCRIPTION:  Here's my Gary harvesting the first of his tomatoes and peppers. He does so much to help me out, including energy, ideas and driving for Sparkle Caps.  My soul mate and my help mate.

5-9-14 - 1.JPG


BIG #s - In the last 2 months, we have been able to empower and uplift almost 100 women in treatment for various types of cancer. Here are the May #s ~

Women receiving Sparkle Caps Gift Bags - 43

Caregiver's Mini Gift Bag: 1  

Children's Mini Gift Bags: 2

We mailed gift bags to Maine, Florida and South Carolina.

Our youngest recipients: 37, 37 and 40

Our most senior recipients: 79, 81 and 85

We have been blessed to receive material donations, which help stretch the Sparkle Caps dollars. Thank you for your prayers and support in all ways. Susan “Victorious”

_9 - 5-13-15.jpg

May 14, 2015

MidlandsBiz – news article

Rainbow International Restoration of Columbia 5th Annual Rainbow Charity Golf Classic & Auction
COLUMBIA, SC – On May 5, 2015, Rainbow International Restoration of Columbia hosted their 5th Annual Rainbow Charity Golf Classic & Auction. The event was held at Cobblestone Park Golf Club to benefit two young mothers battling late stage cancer. Blessed with a gorgeous sunny day and a full house of golfers, sponsors and other supporters, the end result brought in net proceeds exceeding $40,000 for the recipients and host charity, the Sparkle Caps Project.

A week later, the committee and the recipients met, laughed and shared stories of their experiences at the event and the gifts were disbursed. Although the fund raising is complete, more gifts will be coming. Connor Shaw has graciously provided scholarships to the families’ five young boys for his upcoming football camp in Irmo. And, the Jack & Jill Foundation will be providing each family with a vacation trip to a destination of their choice.

“It’s a great feeling to see so much support for two lovely ladies in the battle of their life. We feel fortunate that our lives have come together, and blessed that we can have an impact by organizing a fun and entertaining event that provides results that will make a difference for them and their families.”

April Gardens _16.JPG


APRIL SHOWERS AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS - Also higher numbers for Sparkle Caps gift bags. Here are the newest figures:

43 Sparkle Caps gift bags given out to women in cancer treatment
3 mini gift bags to caregivers
6 mini gift bags to children...
2 sets of family gift bags included in the above numbers

Oldest recipients - 79, 80 and 81
Youngest recipients - 29, 35 and 40

We mailed a gift bag to a recipient in RI, one in FL and another in SC.

We have given out almost 1250 Sparkle Caps gift bags to date to women in treatment for cancer, 51 mini gift bags to caregivers, and 76 mini gift bags to children



Although our weather went back and forth from winter to spring, Sparkle Caps gift bags stayed true to form as each bag was given to uplift and empower a woman on her unique cancer journey.  Here are our March statistics:

Total Sparkle Caps gift bags given out:  26
Mini Gift Bags to Children (of moms getting gift bags):  3
Mini Gift Bags to Caregivers:  3
Included in those numbers were 2 sets of family gift bags

Our oldest recipient:  81
Our youngest recipient:  38

To learn how to become a part of this wonderful outreach, please go to our website at www.SparkleCapsProject.com (use Google search) and check out two tabs ~ "How to Sponsor" and "Additional Needs."  It costs just $30 to put a gift bag into the hands of a woman facing cancer (of any kind).  If the gift bag is to be mailed, there is a $10 charge for postage--Sparkle Caps will pick up the balance in order to keep the cost down for the sponsor.

Thanks to all who made gift bags possible in March. 



For the last week, I’ve had a very, very difficult decision to make.  I had prayed about it over and over.  I prayed for wisdom for the committee of 8, including myself, that is making the decision.  I went back and forth on my decision.  I cried off and on.  Then several nights ago, on my way to bed, I realized that even thought I had told God I was turning this problem over to Him, I actually was NOT doing so. . .because I continued to worry about it.  I had to laugh at myself for being the cause of my stress.  I stopped worrying that night, and I woke up the next morning with clarity for the decision and a peace about it.  I have not had another cry over the decision since then.

When we turn a problem over to God, that means releasing it to Him, which mean letting go of worry.  He’s in charge!  I was doing the very thing that I coach others not to do.  I was blind and now I see.  “Thank you, God, for taking my problem and the worry right along with it and steering me in the right direction.”

Volunteer Tees - _4.jpg

FEBRUARY 12, 2015

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The Sparkle Caps Project has been blessed to be selected as the Host Charity for the 5th Annual Rainbow International Charity Golf Tournament (for the third year in a row), which is scheduled for May 5th at Cobblestone Golf Club. We hope to benefit TWO YOUNG MOTHERS WITH LATE-STAGE CANCER.

News 2-2015 3.jpg


It’s cold outside—brrrrr—but warm inside.  

Our main source of referrals was really down this month due to a switchover on its computer system.  We nevertheless stayed busy as we did some family gift bags for those nominated as beneficiaries of the 5th Annual Rainbow Charity Golf Classic and Auction.  (More on that wonderful event to follow.)    

Here are our stats:

Sparkle Caps gift bags – 17
Caregiver gift bags – 8
Children’s gift bags – 7
Families Receiving Gift Bags – 4

Youngest Child receiving Sparkle Caps gift bag – 11
Youngest Adult – 22
Oldest Adult – 81

Mailed 2 within SC

How can we help you?

This is one set of the four family gift bags we did this month. Cancer is a family affair!

FEBRUARY 5, 2015

Sparkle Caps has a second new sponsor this month.  Along with the donation of material goods received February 3rd (and continuing after that), Glenda McCutcheon has volunteered to assist me with whatever help I need.  She is an answer to prayers.  Fortunately, she lives less than 10 minutes from me in Sumter, SC. We will be stuffing envelopes this month.  She left here with supplies to make bag tags and will be engaging her granddaughter to do this as part of her community service for high school.  The material donations are stretching our charity dollars, and the donation of volunteer time will help me keep up with the gift bags and do more, if God has that in mind.  A BIG thank you to Glenda.  Susan “Victorious”  (This all came the day before my birthday. I was just overwhelmed with tears and gratitude!)

1)  All kinds of goodies for our Sparkle Caps gift bags. Most of these will be extras for the bags; 2)  Our HOT CHICKS will feel even hotter with some lovely lotions, fragrances and bath soaps; 3)  Socks are so nice to have when we kick our shoes off in the chemo chairs

4)  Two sizes of gift bags, great for our regular bags and for our mini gift bags, which are usually reserved for caregivers' gift bags; 5)  One gal went out and bought a loom and yarn and started knitting caps for Sparkle Caps, something we are in great need of. This was her first one. Beautiful!!! I love all the colors and the size--great for pulling over the ears in the cold weather.

1st Printing Job - 1-28-15.JPG

FEBRUARY 2, 2015

REGAL PRINTS and EILEEN and JERRY REGA:  Here’s a look at what a new sponsor has done for Sparkle Caps. Eileen Rega received a gift bag in June 2014 and is a patient at SC Oncology Assoc. (“SCOA”).

Eileen and I talked for a few minutes as we walked to our cars at SCOA. She told me about her business, Regal Prints in Columbia, and stated that she and her husband would like to do some free printing for Sparkle Caps, as a way to pay it forward.

I received a thank you note from Eileen in Jan., at which time she enclosed a check to sponsor a couple of gift bags and again extending the offer of free printing.

I sent the master form for my bag tags to Eileen, asking if she could make copies for us, together with a sheet of letterhead. She returned the bag tags and letterhead to me, the tags cut out, hole punched and organized as to color, and also included another check to sponsor more gift bags.

As Eileen and her husband Jerry are helping Sparkle Caps stretch its charity dollars, they are also supporting other women on the cancer road by way of personally sponsoring Sparkle Caps gift bags.

Thank you so much, Eileen and Jerry, for making a positive difference! We so appreciate it!

2 new additions.JPG


WHOO WHO.  A word to the wise. Be sure and check out the various posts that will be showing up this first week of February.  A lot is going on, all of it to empower and uplift women on the cancer road.

STATUS FOR JANUARY:  Total gift bags given out to date to women and five men in treatment for cancer:  1,149
January - Gift Bags Given Out: 26
Youngest:  28      Oldest:  90
Mailed to FL and CA



This was another slow month for us.  If I could, I would give a Sparkle Caps bag of blessings to every woman in treatment for cancer.  As it is, we did give out the following Sparkle Caps Christmas gift bags:

25 to women in treatment for cancer
  3 to caregivers

Youngest Recipient:  21 – the mom of 2 young children with stage III breast cancer.

Oldest:  82

We mailed only 1 gift bag and that was within SC.

If you would like to sponsor a gift bag for someone in particular or for someone you do not know, please check out our "How to Sponsor" tab.

As always, your prayers are needed. 

Thanks.  Susan “Victorious”

12-2014 News Collage.jpg

DECEMBER 26, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Alabama Girl to The Sparkle Caps Project

The Alabama Girl is the wonderful supplier of our sparkle caps. Lisa, who is the “Bama Girl,” called me last week, asking if I wanted an overstock on two caps, amounting to 200 caps. Are you kidding!!!

These soft, beautiful caps will be additions to our gift bags, starting with several that I am doing today, December 22nd.

To top that off, as we talked, she said Alabama Girl was also sending a check to Sparkle Caps, which is going to cover the cost of gift bags to 14 more women in treatment for cancer.

I am thrilled beyond words that Lisa thought of Sparkle Caps in making these decisions. Each time I can help another woman with cancer through Sparkle Caps, I am blessed.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Lisa and the all-girl staff at The Alabama Girl!



BRRRRR!  It’s cold outside but merry and bright at our home.  Here are November’s numbers, each number representing a woman in treatment for cancer:


November was a flip-flop from October (with our highest outgo of 48 gift bags).  We gave out 22 gift bags, our lowest number in over 3 years.  There were no mailings, children’s mini gift bags nor caregivers’ bags given out.


Our youngest recipient is 21; our oldest 78.


May your Christmas be blessed, no matter the circumstances.  Susan “Victorious”

10-2014 Status.jpg


Bags full of candy we did not give out. Bags full of empowering words and goods to uplift the spirits of women in treatment for cancer, 48 of those we gave out, our highest monthly total to date.

We also gave out gift bags for one family – the 17-year-old daughter is fighting leukemia, and we did a supportive caregiver’s bag for her mom and a support gift bag for her 13-year-old sister.

Our youngest adult recipient – 28
Our oldest adult recipient – 87

We mailed to MD, NC and FL.

Two of our gift bags were sponsored in memory of a former recipient, who passed away in Oct.




As September drew to an end, so did our hot and humid summer as fall approached with falling leaves and cooler temperatures.  We are hosting some visitors through October, and Count and Countess Dracula are VERY EXCITED about Sparkle Caps and what we did in September.

Sparkle Caps Gift Bags Given Out:  38

Mini gift bags to children:  1

Our 2014 monthly average for gift bags given out:  40

Our youngest recipient is 29.  Our oldest is 80.

We mailed to CA, IN, KY, MN, OK and TX.


SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

GIFT BAG 1,000
ONE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to announce that Sparkle Caps Gift Bag #1,000 has been given out, and the recipient is Mindy in CA.  This is a huge accomplishment when my original intention in October 2010 was to give us 10 gift bags with sparkle caps in them.  Praise be to God!!!!  Susan “Victorious”

4-29-14 - _5.JPG


Hot, Humid and Muggy in SC with leaves now dropping and some changing colors as fall is knocking.  We saw a decline in Sparkle Caps gift bags going out this month.  Even with that decline, we made a special impact in the lives of woman battling some type of cancer and two families.

Sparkle Caps Gift Bags Given Out:  27

Gift bags to Caregivers:  2  

Mini gift bags to children:  2

Our youngest recipient is another exception to the rule as she is just 15.  Our youngest adult recipient is 31.  Our oldest is 95, and we did a special gift bag for her to include her caregiver.

We mailed to OK, NC, SC and VT.



HOT, HOT and humid in SC.  HOT, HOT at Sparkle Caps, too.  Part of the message on our cap blessing tags is “Be blessed on your journey, and wear your cap proudly.  Remember, you ARE a HOT CHICK, and you are a SURVIVOR. “

July was busy with 44 Sparkle Caps bags going out, plus a family gift bag set including a caregiver bag for the husband and 2 mini gift bags for their children.

Our youngest recipient is 36 and our oldest is 83.  

We mailed 2 gift bags to Columbia in order to get them into the hands of the two recipients before their next chemo treatment days away.  We also mailed a gift bag to upstate SC, 1 to PA, 1 to GA, and 1 to HI.  I wish I could have delivered that gift bag personally to our Hawaii recipient but it was not in the budget!

We need your prayers and material and financial donations to keep these gift bags going to women in treatment for cancer.   Please see the Additional Needs tab and How to Sponsor tab for ways to help Sparkle Caps. 

June 2014 News Collage.jpg


OUR VEGGIE GARDEN GROWS and so does SPARKLE CAPS.  We gave out 41 Sparkle Caps gift bags and 2 mini gift bags for caregivers.

Our oldest recipient was 79; our youngest was 24. We mailed to IL, CA and one within SC.

Our monthly average for 2013 was 32 gift bags. Our monthly average so far this year is 42. We could not meet this increased need for gift bags without Nancy O'Connor, Vicki Everhart, Becky Burchell and Becky’s Crew. Thank you for helping us to uplift and empower more women in treatment for cancer.

Sparkle Caps’ outreach grows as you share our posts and support this outreach through financial and material donations and prayers. Thank you. Susan “Victorious”

5-14 Status Collage.jpg


God plants a seed of an idea with each of us.  It germinates and grows.  Life experiences act as food for the idea, helping it grow and grow.  He waters the seeds through the years with blessings.  And when He is ready, the idea comes into beautiful bloom.  (Excerpt from letter #4, Sparkle Caps gift bag)

The Sparkle Caps Project was God’s answer to my prayer.  To date, we have given out OVER 870 Sparkle Caps bags of blessings, in addition to 54 children’s mini gift bags and 29 mini gift bags to caregivers.  We’ve come a long way from the 12 sparkle caps that I initially intended to give out.  

Stats for May:  
Sparkle Caps gift bags:    36
Children’s Mini Gift Bags:    2
Mini / Combo Gift Bags:    2 (males with cancer)

Ages:  23 – 87

4-25-14 - _7.JPG


APRIL SHOWERS bring beautiful flowers:  We delivered and/or mailed 41 Sparkle Caps bags of blessings this month, plus 2 mini gift bags for caregivers.  We shipped just two gift bags this month—one within SC and one to KY.

Our recipients ranged in age from 29 to 83.

We received some wonderful donations of goodies for the gift bags this month.  Please see our THANK YOU post.  These donations make our gift bags even more special.  We also received a wonderful, generous donation from a church foundation, which has kept us going.  Finances were otherwise getting a bit slim.  

We received our official 501(c)(3) letter designating Sparkle Caps as tax exempt, after much, much prayer and 15 months of waiting.  We appreciate all the prayers said on our behalf.

We are excited about the Rainbow 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Tuesday, May 6th, which will bring in some income for Sparkle Caps.  Most of all, the tournament is going to benefit two young mothers who are in treatment for stage IV metastasized cancer.  The funds raised will be instrumental in helping these women focus on their treatments and ease the burden of financial issues caused by cancer. 


Thanks and God Bless.  Susan “Victorious”

March 2014.jpg


MARCH = snow, ice storms and lots of rain. It also meant 42 Sparkle caps gift bags to women in treatment for cancer, plus 1 caregiver's gift bag.

Our 2 oldest were 88 and 95. Our 2 youngest were 22 and 24.

We mailed to AZ, KY, MA, MI and NC.

If you'd like to sponsor a Sparkle Caps gift bag or help in any other way, please go to our website at www.SparkleCapsProject.com and check out the tabs "How to Sponsor" and "Additional Needs."

PICTURE: On the road again to deliver 10 Sparkle Caps gift bags to patients at SCOA -- with all the supplies to do up to 8 more gift bags on the spot.

Thanks. Susan "Victorious"

March 20, 2014 – 501(c)(3) Status – Answer to Prayers


DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the prayers. WE DID IT! Praise be to God! He had our 501(c)(3) determination letter in hand and taken care of before I knew there was a problem. It was faxed to my accountant's office, and I drove over in my yard work clothes to get it. We had over 1600 views of our prayer request, so I hope 1600+ people said at least one prayer for Sparkle Caps. I am so excited. A miracle happened, and we were so blessed to have the IRS specialist Shawn Lawson getting it done! A huge, huge thank you to Senator Lindsey Graham, who was instrumental in our getting this so quickly after 15+ months of waiting. We ARE the charity for Rainbow's 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PRAYERS!

Feb 2014 small.jpg


BRRRRR! It’s cold outside; but with one of Sonie’s beautiful crocheted caps tucked inside each Sparkle Caps gift bag, our recipients are facing the winter head on!

ANOTHER month high total: 47 Sparkle Caps gift bags given out to women battling cancer. Also, 3 mini gift bags for caregivers and 3 mini children’s gift bags to the young children of 2 of the moms receiving Sparkle Caps gift bags.

Our youngest was 15 (an exception to the age rule); our youngest adult 25 and our oldest 86.

Another exception: We mailed 1 Sparkle Caps gift bag to a recipient in the UK. We mailed to 3 to KY, 2 to ME; 2 in SC, 1 each to NC, NJ, OH and CA.

How can you help with the increasing need for Sparkle Caps gift bags? Please go to the How to Sponsor tab on our website at SparkleCapsProject.com. Thanks, Susan “Victorious”


WHOA!!!  Snow in South Carolina.  NO!  BIGGER WHOA TO OUR JANUARY NUMBERS!!!!  January saw FORTY-SEVEN – 47 – women helped through our Sparkle Caps gift bags.  We topped our highest in Dec. by 5 and our prior highest in Oct. by 8.  Thank goodness for some volunteer help the last couple months!

Our youngest recipient was 32; our oldest 81.

We mailed within SC, MD, TN, ME, NY, WI, AL, and CA, and I made an exception and mailed a mini gift bag to a very deserving woman and her young son who live in the UK. 

Let me share this recently-received thank you note:  “I can’t begin to express to you how excited I was to receive a gift bag.  My 1st chemo was horrible and really did not want to go back.  When my nurse handed me this gift bag, I felt like a child in a candy store.  You made me feel so special and important.  I love my devotion books and will treasure them.  I hope that I can be an inspiration to other people the way you have to me.  I will wear my hat with pride.”  (Sorry, I cannot read her signature.)

This is what Sparkle Caps is all about!  We need your help to keep up with these growing numbers.  You can donate time, material goods, sponsor a gift bag specifically for someone or sponsor a gift bag in general, which means helping more women at the treatment center. 

Please see our website and the tabs “How to Sponsor” and “Additional Needs” or send a check or box of goodies to The Sparkle Caps Project, c/o Susan Heimbigner, 921 Pelham Drive, Sumter, SC 29154-9105.  www.SparkleCapsProject.com     Thank you.  Susan “Victorious”

Photo captions L-R:  1) Our veggie garden waiting for Spring  2) Gary will have fun getting the wood out for our fire.
Have to keep warm!
  3) Susan "Victorious" in 2010. This is where our Sparkle Caps gift bag recipients need to be -
looking like the HOT CHICKS that we are in our Sparkle Caps!!!

JANUARY 26, 2014


SPARKLE CAPS BAGS OF BLESSINGSThese pictures show a variety of items that go into the Sparkle Caps gift bags.

Photo Captions (L-R) Top Row:  1) Missing is a mini bag of goodies that Vicki and Susan "Victorious" have created for the gift bags. Each baggie contains these handy items for women in the chemo chairs: nail file, hand lotion, lip balm, tissues, and hand sanitizer.  2) Beautifully handcrafted angels by my sister-in-law Nancy.  3) One of these three books goes into a gift bag.
Photo Captions (L-R) Bottom Row:  4) A variety of items that go into a gift bag. Choice of cap colors (15 colors available), a knit or crocheted cap (as long as available), crossword or word-find puzzle and pencil, Red Sea Rules, a personal paperback or novel, bookmarks for breast cancer patients, an angel appropriate to the type of cancer, a notebook, magnetic pad or mini notebook and pen, gift note, testimonials and an envelope with useful information.

December 2013 Status.JPG


We did it again! We topped our monthly highest outgo of Sparkle Caps gift bags by 4. December saw 42 Christmas / Angel bags of blessings given to women in treatment for cancer. That breaks down to 42 “Red Sea Rules,” 42 novels, 42 of either “Heaven Is for Real,” “Jesus Calling,” or “What Cancer Cannot Do.” That’s 42 pencils and crossword or word finds; 42 mini gift bags of goodies; 210 large envelopes and 42 small envelopes containing testimonials, information and other uplifting reading; 42 journals with pens and/or mini notepads with pens; 42 hat / cap catalogues and more. That’s 42 crocheted or knit caps and 42 Sparkle Caps; 42 handcrafted angels. The holiday bags also contained other extra goodies.

Can you see why we need your contributions and sponsorships! It took over $1,000 to put together those gift bags, most of them paid for through general sponsorships. You don’t have to refer a woman in treatment for cancer. By sponsoring a gift bag in general for $25, you can help a stranger feel empowered and uplifted through her special Sparkle Caps gift bag. We need your help to keep this going!

Our youngest recipient: 30
Our oldest recipient: 89

We also gave out mini gift bags to children whose moms were receiving Sparkle Caps gift bags.

We mailed to KY, TX and NC.

Nov 2013 Status.JPG


First, a Message of Giving to Others:  Our goal at Sparkle Caps is to empower and uplift women going through cancer treatments, particularly chemotherapy.  This is a close-up picture of my Angel Tree, the giving tree. The White Envelopes are in honor of family and friends, to be opened on Christmas Eve—they announce how their Angel Gifts were used during the year to help others who needed a hand up.  

This Season of Giving and Loving, do you have someone you would like to honor or remember by sponsoring a Sparkle Caps gift bag for one of the women referred to Sparkle Caps who does not have a sponsor?  If so, please private message me or send an e-mail to SparkleCapsProject@sc.rr.com.  

Here are the numbers for November, each one representing a woman going through cancer treatment, and many of those are starting treatment, including surgery and chemo, during the holiday season:

Another highest monthly total of gift bag giveaways - 38
Youngest recipient – 24; oldest recipient – 83
Children’s Mini Gift Bags – 5
Mailed to CA - 1, WI - 2, SC - 2 and NV - 1

In addition to these numbers, we also helped two moms struggling financially with a few gifts sent from Amazon for one son and Wal-Mart gift certificates for two sons.  

May our Christmas be blessed and our New Year safe.  May our eyes be open to the beauty of each day, and may our hearts find quiet during this busy season so that we can hear the words of our Savior!

Oct 2013 Status.JPG


OCTOBOOOER Status: Boring numbers—if only these were just numbers; BUT, each number represents a woman battling cancer.

For the 2nd time this year, WE have given out the most gift bags in a month: 39 Sparkle Caps gift bags. Our monthly average is now 30 gift bags. Thirty-nine – 39 – women sitting in chemo chairs being uplifted and empowered through these bags of blessings. Thirty-nine – 39 – women feeling tired at times; dealing with other side issues of cancer treatment; handling families and jobs (inside and outside the home); 39 women WE have helped on an individual basis.

WE is you who support Sparkle Caps through prayers, sponsorships, and donations of time and material. We could not do this without you, so we at Sparkle Caps are sending a bag of thank yous (and not candy) to each of you!

 We also sent out 2 mini bags for a caregiver and a cancer patient and 1 mini child’s gift bag.

 Our youngest recipients are both 27 and our oldest is 88.

 We mailed to SC, NC, VT, W.VA, NY and WI.

 Please visit our website at SparkleCapsProject.com and check out the tabs “How to Sponsor” and “Additional Needs” for ways to help Sparkle Caps move forward into 2014.

Sept 2013 Status.JPG


WHAT HAPPENED IN SEPTEMBER? Another higher-than average month—34 women traveling the cancer road were uplifted and empowered through our Sparkle Caps gift bags, together with 3 of their children.

We helped women with breast cancer; colon, lung, stomach, and brain cancers; lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia. Our youngest is a young mother of two; our oldest is a young 82 and just as cute as a button.

We received donations from three women of beautiful knit and crocheted caps (all going out in gift bags starting last month), and one vendor donated a large quantity of goodies for our mini goodies bags (what every woman needs in the chemo chair). See our post of 10/3.

We received a sponsorship in lieu of flowers in memory of a co-worker’s mother. We received hands-on help from Vicki Everhart and Joe Rice. As we are being blessed at Sparkle Caps, we are able to help more and more women at such difficult times in their lives. Please be a part of the Sparkle Caps team in any way that you can! Love, Susan "Victorious"

August 2013 Status revised.jpg


NEW RECORDS SET: 500 – yes, 500 reached and surpassed–500 +++ Sparkle Caps gift bags into the hands of women in treatment for cancer. Highest monthly outgo: 39 Sparkle Caps gift bags, 7 mini childrens gift bags and 1 caregivers gift bag, included women with breast, recurrent and metastatic breast cancers; leukemia; uterine, melanoma, colon, lung, lymphoma and head and neck cancers.

Oldest recipient: 79 - Youngest recipient: 27

Mailed to 8 states: AL, KY, MO, NY, OH, PA, SC and VT. One recipient in NY heard about Sparkle Caps in a support group meeting and then from a co-worker. Yes, Sparkle Caps is being talked about in NY!

Including postage, it took well over $1,000 to get these bags of blessings into the hands of women who needed them, while supporting families at the same time.

THANK YOUS: The fundraising efforts of Rainbow Int’l. of Columbia and The SC State Court Reporters Association, together with individual sponsorships and a large donation from a Columbia church foundation, made this all possible. We also appreciate our two volunteers this month, who gave hands-on assistance in preparing material for the gift bags: Jo Rice (a court reporter) and Vicki Everhart (a gift bag recipient and member of the Sparkle Caps team). The court reporters’ fundraising efforts concluded this month, and we can never give enough thanks to Renee Tollison (court reporter and our webmaster) for spearheading these efforts.

Prayers, referrals, sponsorships, donations of time, money and supplies needed and greatly appreciated.

July 2013 Status.jpg


HAVE WHEELS – WILL TRAVEL. Cart loaded and ready to go. We’re on the move to prepare gift bags on the spot. It could be at Chemo with Style in Sumter or Columbia. It could be at SC Oncology Assocs.

JULY STATUS: We gave our 25 Sparkle Caps gifts bags, 1 mini caregiver gift bag, and 3 children’s mini gift bags (twin sisters 5 and brother 3). Our youngest recipient is 29; our oldest 71.

Here are those boring statistics, but each statistic represents a woman fighting cancer. Each statistic has a name and loved ones who care about her. Breast cancer – 14; recurrent breast cancer – 1; metastasized breast cancer – 1; lymphoma – 2; leukemia – 2; esophageal – 2; gallbladder – 1; lung – 1; and metastatic colon – 1.

One of these statistics is named Lori, who will be the featured recipient for the August Spotlight. Stay tuned to learn more about this remarkable woman!

June 2013 Status.jpg


TIME SURE FLIES! The picture is I (Susan “Victorious”), ringing the bell at SCOA, signaling my last chemo treatment. The 20 women who received Sparkle Caps gift bags in June are anxiously looking forward to that day, too. We also gave out a caregiver’s and 4 children’s mini gift bags.

Here are the statistics: Youngest recipient 28; oldest 68. 9 breast cancers, 1 stomach, 1 ovarian, 1 bone and brain, 2 brain, 4 lung, 1 lymphoma, 1 myeloma. We mailed within SC and to NC.

For the most part, the posts on the monthly statuses get the lowest views of all our posts. It’s no fun looking at #s and types of cancers. We’d rather not know. BUT, knowledge is power. #s = individuals and we want that to = COMPASSION! As you look at these statistics, count your blessings and please pray for Sparkle Caps and its gift bag recipients.

Please be a part of the outreach to help our sisters by referring someone and/or sponsoring a gift bag or two throughout the year, or even sending a little goody or two to help out with our gift bags for women and children. Check out HOW TO SPONSOR and ADDITIONAL NEEDS tabs. Thank you!

May 2013 Status small.jpg


We slowed down in May after two very hectic months. (1) TOTAL for May - 23 Sparkle Caps gift bags of blessings given out; (2) Mailings 3, all in SC; (3) Children’s Outreach - 7 mini gift bags; (4) Types of Cancer: Breast-13, Recurrent Breast–1; Lung–2; Recurrent Liver–1; Multiple Myeloma–1; Colon / Anal–1; Stage 4 Melanoma–1; Abdominal–1; Colo / Rectal–1; Colon-1. (See our June Spotlight to learn more about one Recipient.)

After the unbelievable success of the Rainbow Int’l.’s 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament in May ( see PHOTO ALBUMS tab), we have been able to go through two more doors to help more women. Three Sparkles Caps gift bags were raffled at the Chemo with Style meeting (Columbia) (helping women starting on their cancer journeys with image issues). We also gave out 4 gift bags at the Chemo with Style meeting in Sumter.

We continue to need your prayers, referrals and sponsorships to keep Sparkle Caps as personal as we can to the recipients. Thanks. Susan “Victorious”

april 2013 Status.jpg


Gift bag #400 is going to recipient L.M., who has colon cancer. She and her husband are 20 weeks into their first pregnancy. L.M. will start chemo in May.

We gave out 37 Sparkle Caps gift bags; 2 to the young children of 2 of the moms; and 1 baby-on-the-way gift bag.  We mailed to AZ, CA, GA, MA, SC and VA.  Our youngest recipient is in her 20s—the oldest 83.

Our recipients:  22 breast cancer, 1 recurrent breast cancer, 2 recurrent with metastasis; 1 pancreatic, 1 colon, 2 lymphoma, 2 lung, 1 pre-leukemia, 2 multiple myeloma, 1 renal and 2 gallbladder.

We have helped 400 women to date—that is unbelievable to me since I started out with the intention of doing 12 gift bags.  Thank you to all of you who help make this possible through your sponsorships and material donations.  God bless.  Love, Susan “Victorious”

March 2013 Status.jpg


ROLLING OUT the March #s: Our 2nd highest month with 35 Sparkle Caps gift bags given out, plus 11 mini gift bags to the young children of 3 of the moms receiving Sparkle Caps gift bags, for a total of 363 bags to date.

We are empowering women with the following cancers: 20 breast, 2 recurrent breast, 1 colon, 1 lymphoma, 2 lung, 2 leukemia, 1 pre-leukemia, 1 stage 4 bile duct (on waiting list for liver transplant), 1 multiple cancers, 1 sarcoma / lung, 2 ovarian, 1 bone; ages 35 to 82.

We mailed 1 to Canada, 2 upstate SC, 2 GA, 2 AL, 1 MO,1 NC.

These are the statistics. I have seen some of the faces behind these cancers; I have had messages of thankfulness for the gift bags from some. Please help Sparkle Caps continue to help as many women as we can with your prayers, referrals and financial support. Thank you! Susan “Victorious”

Picture: 12/12 – Susan ‘Victorious” and Annette, who is our first Sparkle Caps gift bag recipient.

FEB 2013 STATUS.jpg


ROLLIN OUT THE BIG #S FOR FEB.: 38 Sparkle Caps gift bags given out, including 1 mini bag to a caregiver. To put this in perspective, the 2012 mo. average was 15, with a high in Nov. of 27. We mailed to FL, AZ, CA, MD and NY. Cancers: 31 breast, 1 metastatic breast, 1 myeloma, 1 colon, 1 pancreatic, 1 melanoma, and 1 multiple cancers. Ages between 27 and 78.

February 2013 Welcome to Vicki.jpg

FEBRUARY 16, 2013


Our monthly average in 2011 (our first full year) was 8 gift bags. For 2012--15 gift bags. For Feb. to date, 20 gift bags. Our family, friends, some former recipients, and new friends have been very generous to Sparkle Caps--please keep up the good work. We now have to go outside those parameters and look for small business and corporate funding. Former Sparkle Caps gift bag recipient and two-time breast cancer survivor Vicki Everhart is taking on the position of Vice President of Operations (fancy title for a volunteer job) so that she can spearhead these fundraising efforts. We are working beautifully together to get more Sparkle Caps gift bags into the hands of women who need them. Please continue to help with your sponsorships, referrals and prayers.

January  2013 STATUS.jpg


After 49 Sparkle Caps gift bags went out in Nov. / Dec., we slowed down in Jan. with 11 bags of blessings going out. Of those, 8 stayed in SC and 1 each went to TX, CA and OK. Our recipients were 5 women with breast cancer; 1 with recurrent breast cancer; 1 with advanced cervical cancer; 1 who has leukemia and stage 3 lung cancer, which has metastasized; 1 myeloma; 1 appendix; and 1 anal.

These 11 women have names, families, dreams. Cancer is weird, deadly and survivable.

Sparkle Caps received some material donations for the bags: 14 beautiful, colorful knit caps from Sonie; Mary Kay sample hand and face creams from former recipient Vicki and her niece; and 24 copies of "We're In This Together," a fabulous book by Rob Harris, a 20-year plus caregiver himself, which was written for caregivers, supplied by Susan "Victorious."

Please keep the referrals, donations and sponsorships coming--we can only do this with your help! Thank you! Susan "Victorious"


DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! Sparkle Caps bags of blessings given away in Dec. – 22. Highest monthly outreach - Nov. – 26 women and our first male. TOTAL for 2012 - 179 Sparkle Caps gift bags. TOTAL since inception Oct. 2010 – 279. These bags have been given to women battling various types of cancer; they have been mailed as far as the west coast. Referrals have come from health care professionals; family, friends, former recipients and strangers (now new friends). Each one of you is integral to the success of Sparkle Caps, which means empowering, blessing, uplifting, loving and praying for women at a difficult time in their lives.

Sponsorships and donations are needed in addition to referrals; and prayers are the foundation of our outreach. You can contact me through a private FB message; through e-mail at SparkleCapsProject@sc.rr.com; or mail to The Sparkle Caps Project, c/o Susan Heimbigner, 921 Pelham Drive, Sumter, SC 29154.


RECORD BREAKING NOVEMBER STATUS AND UPDATE: Our monthly average went up again—14 Sparkle Caps gift bags. Our monthly total was the highest yet: 27 Sparkle Caps Christmas gift bags were given out. Our year's goal of 150 Sparkle Caps gift bags was surpassed in Nov.--with 156 gift bags given out so far this year. We (and YOU are a part of the WE) helped 25 women: 14 1st- time breast cancer; 2 recurrent breast cancer; 2 breast cancer, metastasized; 1 recurrent breast cancer, metastasized; 2 1st-time lung cancer; 1 recurrent lung cancer; 1 multiple cancers, including kidney, liver and stomach (and she is loving and living life daily); 1 multiple myeloma; 1 recurrent multiple myeloma; 1 brain; and 1 to a supporting spouse and young parent.

We are including new angels in our gift bags. Nancy O'Connor designed and made boy angels (and one daddy angel). Two will be going to a young mother with boys 2 and 5 years old, so the boys can hang them on their Christmas tree; a daddy and baby boy angel will be going to the family dealing with brain cancer.

Along with your financial support (needed more than ever), we need your prayers--for the outreach of Sparkle Caps and for the Sparkle Caps gift bag recipients and their families. We will continue the special Christmas gift bags through December.

Please report any problems or broken links to Renee Tollison, Webmaster, rhtollison@yahoo.com