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THE SPARKLE CAPS YEAR IN REVIEW: We gave out 379 Sparkle Caps gift bags and 47 mini children’s gift bags (to some of the young children of moms receiving our gift bags). We mailed to recipients in 21 states and 1 to Canada. Our monthly average in 2012 was 15. Our monthly average in 2013 was 31.5 gift bags of blessings. Our youngest recipient was 24; our oldest 89. In the 3 years of our existence, we have given out 661 Sparkle Caps gift bags to women in treatment for cancer.

This incredible outpouring of love, support and empowerment to women on a very difficult journey would not have been possible without your help, through donations, sponsorships and material gifts. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the following persons/entities in particular (and we need a lot more of this type of help for 2014). Each picture will tell a story, so please enjoy.

2013-2 Collage.jpg Photo Captions L-R:  1) Rainbow International Restoration and Cleaning of Columbia for the successful charity golf tournament in May. We are still giving out gift bags under the sponsorship money that Sparkle Caps earned through the sales at our table and a share of the proceeds from the tournament. 2)  A second thank you for Reed and Heather Mattingly and Chris Mattingly and Rainbow of Columbia's staff for the successful fundraiser, benefitting Hope Parente and Jocelyn Walker, both young mothers who are still battling stage 4 metastasized breast cancer. 3) The SC State Court Reporters Assoc. for a successful fundraiser for Sparkle Caps, culminating at its convention in Aug. A huge thank you to Renee, in the white cap (paid $55 for it) for spearheading the fundraiser and also for being our Webmaster (free of charge to us).

2013-3 Collage.jpg

Photo Captions L-R:  1) Becky's Crew - My dentist's receptionist Becky volunteered the services of her children and some of their friends to make the cap blessing tags and bag tags for us, after buying a box of supplies that they now use for this project. Thank you Turner, who is 6.  2) Becky's crew - Thanks to Dalton, 13, and Bryson, 10. Their tags have been going on the gift bags and on the caps since late November.  3) Thank you to Patton, 14, working with a beautiful smile on her face. This is an ongoing project that Becky said she and the kids will handle for Sparkle Caps. These tags are two of the most time-consuming projects for our gift bags, so I am so appreciative.  4) Thank you Ryley, 11, for your help, done with a beautiful smile on her face.

2013-4 Collage.jpg Photo Captions L-R:  1) The artist of these beautiful pictures is Jo Rice, one of the SC State Court reporters. She made these notecards, which were given out in most of our Christmas gift bags as one of the extra little goodies.  2) These beautifully handcrafted cards were made by Angela and Jennifer and went out in the Christmas gift bags. Thank you for such beautiful work!

2013-5 Collage.jpg Photo Captions L-R:  1) Women of Weddings out of CA for its donation of $500 for the 3rd year in a row.  2)  My sister-in-law Nancy, who handcrafts these beautiful angels. I can't even begin to count the numbers she has provided through the last two years or more. She makes them for different types of cancer with changes in the ribbons and material.

2013-6 Collage.jpg Photo Captions L-R:  1) David and Lila for the four copies of "Jesus Calling" for our gift bags. This is such a wonderful book that it now goes it almost half of our gift bags.  2) Vicki, a gift bag recipient and a huge sponsor of Sparkle Caps. She and I do mini gift bags of goodies for the gift bags; she supplies all the breast cancer ribbons, and she is invaluable to me on so many Sparkle Caps fronts.

2013-7 Collage.jpg Photo Captions L-R:  1) And I could not do this without my Honey and hubby, Gary. He is my gift from God. He's missed time with me and I with him; he's eaten out of the frig.; we've missed some date nights (Sundays); and he's missed talking time with his buddy--but no matter what, he knows what Sparkle Caps means to me, and he continues to lend his support and ideas!   2) And I could not do this without the referrals from the chemo nurses at SC Oncology Associates. This is my former chemo nurse Beth. Thank you to Beth, Dusty, Ann B., Ann P., Bri, Holly, June, Kathy, Mary, Kristen, Pam, Wendy, Tess, and Missy and all the other chemo nurses for all you do for the cancer patients. And another thank you to Tiffany and Dottye, the nurse navigators at Palmetto Health Baptist and Richland Breast Centers.


First, a huge THANK YOU to my sister-in-law Nancy, who lovingly hand makes all the angels for each and every gift bag.

Next, BIG, BIG THANK YOUS to all who sponsor gift bags and those who refer recipients for gift bags.

A special THANK YOU goes out to THE ALABAMA GIRL and LISA HANSON, who supply the beautiful sparkle caps for the gift bags at wholesale, and they have now waived the shipping charges, which saves approximately 50 cents a cap. I am using that savings to help offset the other costs of the gift bags.

Another special THANK YOU goes out to CREATIVE MEDICAL ID. I received its First Annual Angel Award, which brought attention to Sparkle Caps and included a $100 gift certificate.  The award was used to purchase medical ID bracelets for two gift bag recipients in need.

A big THANK YOU goes to JUDY PEARSON MARTENS at Courage Concepts. She is the author of "It’s Just Hair: 20 Essential Life Lessons." She gave 10 complimentary copies to Sparkle Caps, and then I bought 40 books at her cost, which were special enclosures in the Christmas gift bags. Judy also brought attention to Sparkle Caps in one of her blogs.


God Bless! Happy New Year! Susan "Victorious" (Victorious over cancer! Victorious in God!)

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